Happiness is This The Key to Success!!

OK-happy-face_fullCAN I BE HAPPY!! enjoy life…

I cannot wait to get out of bed of the mornings with so much to look forward, everyday is a challenge. You see I planned it that way it’s not the matter of  luck but the attitude in which you look at life getting the job done “thinking positively” not hanging around negative people choosing  your friends wisely.

If one idea does not work out move on to another this applies not just to your job but in your relationship. I do not spend my time dwelling on an incident that happened yesterday or last week I like to get the job done and done as soon as possible so I can move on  to the next project in hand. If you need to make money for an example start with a small project that gives you a little income this gives you the incentive to get started once started you can then move on to the next and so on until you have many incomes this is how I get motivated on my Idea’s if one Idea does not work out move on to the next. Being Happy at what you do in life makes a big difference try getting out of bed and saying to yourself this is going to be a great day instead of saying Oh just another day what can I complain about today….. Happiness is just a frame of mind!! a balance of work rest and play is a big key to enjoying life. Until next time.




WordPress Blogging Tools of The Trade!!

For any business to do well you must acquire the right tools of the trade otherwise you will be left behind with so many opportunities on line today there is no better  time to sharpen your skills with a little time and effort. You do not have to have a high IQ or be good at english to do well most off the tools are for free and will not cost you a cent all you need is time to learn them.

Go to http://www.grammarly.com this is free to use you can join up for the extras but I find just the basic free version is all you need. I am not very good at english  so I searched the internet for a programme to help me with my spelling this programme is well worth a look at as it saves you so much time when writing.

Grammarly provides another set of eyes to help perfect your writing. Grammarly’s patent-pending grammar checking technology reviews and improves your text, correcting grammar, spelling, word choice and style mistakes with unmatched accuracy. Give Grammarly 60 seconds and see what pesky grammar errors you missed in your text!

Another great tool I use to help in my blogging or writing is www.typingweb.com

TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification. If you are a two finger type writer like me it is time to learn hot to type better and faster this programme will certainly help with tour speed.

Talk Soon




Please do not Spam!!

If you like my blog site please leave a comment through the appropriate channels. I will not answer to any spam left on any off my blogs and info. If you do not know how to do this I will guide you through step by step this is very easy to do and I am sure you would like me to contact you and share my knowledge.

When you find a blog that you wish to answer to above to the right hand corner click the section that says leave a comment  a box will appear just write your comments in that box provided, and click on post comment this will show up as a legit comment for me to answer at my end.

Going through spam is a waste of time and time is valuable I could be writing more and sharing with you my knowledge. I hope you enjoyed the funny video.

Learning how to install pics and video’s into your blog can be a bit daunting you just need to persevere and have patience before moving on to the next step. I allow as much time as it takes to learn just one piece, sometimes it will take me a few hours to get it right but wow!! when it works what a great sense of achievement. Now I can move on to the next step.

Talk soon






WordPress plug ins do they work or not ?

When buying word press plug ins you run the risk of it not working why is this so I do not know all I know is I have purchased 2 just lately and I am having trouble trying to make them work. I have followed the instructions on the set up must be a quirk in the system why it is not allowing the plugin to work.

7308237-electric-plug-in-a-hand-on-a-white-backgroundWe all know that plugins are a great tool to have with so many to choose from that make the job of blogging so much easier just make sure you keep your email of the vendor of who you bought the plugin from that way you can contact him for him to try and fix any problem you might have just keep emailing a ticket until you get the problem solved that is the only way you are going to learn about if it is something you might have done in the instruction set up or if there is a fault with the plugin itself. We have to keep up with the high tech tools that are fore ever changing on a daily basis no sooner you find a plugin today tomorrow it is outdated for a new version or a better programme you have to keep asking yourself do you really need this tool or can I do without it as too many plugins will slow your system down. Some plugins can be deactivated if you are not using them until you are ready to use them again make sure you test this out on your WordPress admin area to see how this works just go to installed plugins on your side bar and deactivate that plugin you are not using you can activate it again at a later date.

Also one other thing about plugins for your wordpress admin site make sure it is compatable with your latest version of wordpress as alot of plugins have not updated to work on the latest version and will not work. It does not matter how hard you try the old  plugins will not work.

Hope this helps the more you work on your WordPress site the better you will get..




GOING fishing!! Very Relaxing….Time Out.

Just to get away from work for a while fishing is a great pass time here in Australia there are just so many ways you can throw a line in and kick back relax and forget about your worry’s for a while. Fishing 4Fishing off the rocks, in a canoe, standing in the water, out in a boat there is no excuse not to have a go. Kids like to have a go as well just look at the expression on there face when they catch there first fish I remember when I was young and caught my first fish wow I was so excited I was out in my dad’s boat at the time and reeled the fish in and  slapped Dad in the face with the fish. It was so funny.

I am very lucky to have two friends I go out fishing with one with a big 20ft boat and the other  a 2 man canoe.Both very different ways of fishing but still a good day out even better if you catch a fish,but that’s part of the fun with or without the fish. I am very fortunate to live here in Port Macqaurie NSW with so many great places to go fishing.This week-end being Easter my partner,and I went to a nice seaside town Harrington and Crowdy Head.

Wow talk about fishing, everyone was out there  having a go and the weather was lovely.Fishing 3 There were people fishing off the rocks, standing in the water, in their canoes and even lots of kids having a go. Really is good fun. If you have’t been fishing yet it is time to have a go find somewhere in your local area to and give it a go.

Talk Soon..




Emails Out of Control..

14963887-whimsical-cartoon-mail-bagAre your emails out of control? Just the other day I unsubscribed from some of my emails and a pop up appeared asking if I would like to go on a weekly email for information what a great idea. Not only does this clear your time for other projects,but you know when you can expect the next lot of information. Spending all day looking at emails what a waste of time why don’t Internet  marketers just leave you alone for a while so we can get on with our work. Do you spend all day looking at emails is it just a compulsive thing to do check emails all day long to see what you have received.

I only allow a certain amount of time of a morning and evening to check my emails the rest of the day the time I use for other projects. Time is very valuable and goes very fast. Spending all day flitting through unwanted junk emails, but you have a choice unsubscribe if you do not want any more emails…You will never stop the emails coming through to you  that’s part of Internet Marketing  all you can do is try and slow down stop a minority of the ones you do not wish to look at.

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3 Apples A Day Diet Plan

By: A Jairaj AlexanderApple 1

Apple 1

Now before we go into the nuts and bolts of 3 apples a day diet plan we should have a basic understanding about what it means by saying struck by a diet plateau. When a person starts dieting and exercising, the weight reduces drastically at first and then very slowly and finally it reaches a stage where even with an intense starvation the body will not lose weight. DSCN2596At this stage instead of losing fat the body will slow down its metabolic activity so that only a bare minimum amount of energy will be spent or in other words fewer amounts of fats will be burnt. This is due to the fact that the human body does not like to lose fat, so it holds on to the available fats by retarding the metabolism because it thinks that food is scarce or not available. This is not a desired nature of the human body when a person wants to lose fats. So people who are struck with a diet plateau will usually have difficulty in reducing their weight further until and other wise the body is tricked to believe that there is no shortage in the availability of food.

It all started in a town of Wenatchee in Washington, where Tammi Flynn, was a nutritional director of a gym. Tammi Flynn found that one of her clients who was struck with a diet plateau, had lost a significant weight within a week by taking one apple before every meal without changing anything else. Tammi Flynn started experimenting on this breakthrough weight loss system and found incredible results, which then changed the lives of more than three hundred people. These findings laid the foundation for her to write a book The 3-Apple-A-Day Plan.

Now how does this system work? When apples are taken before the main meals the fibre content gives a person a sense of fullness while the sweetness satisfies the carving. Pectin also increases the beneficial bacteria (intestinal flora), promotes digestion and reduces the cholesterol level in the blood stream. The composition of apple, such as eighty-five percentage of water, low sodium higher potassium with other minerals, vitamins amino acids and organic salts makes it ideal to convince the body that food is not scarce. So the body steps up a faster metabolism, thus the diet plateau of a person is broken and results in further weight loss. Apple is more effective in weight loss for people who start dieting initially, with or without exercise. In this system there is no requirement for calorie counting or other measurements. .

As already mentioned this system is complete to burn your fats but in addition if you are taking selective foods as suggested by Tammi Flynn then you will be adding more fuel to your fat burning efforts. Please take time to go through the book written by her. I am sure you will find it interesting. I have included the links for 3-Apple-A-Day Diet Plans here for your convenience.

Source: Articledashboard.com



Ebay in Australia…

Riding the ups and downs of online sales can be very challenging  eBay can change very quickly but still has the traffic to build a great business. More and more people are finding out that to have a business online is the future with more and more shoppers buying their goods and services and enjoying the big savings.

Depending where you live can have a impact on your sales. What will work on Ebay in America or the U.K. will not necessary work in Australia. If your product is not selling within a few months  in the country you are selling from move on to another product that buyers are after falling in love with your product can be a trap worst still having that product sitting on the shelf gathering dust not earning you money is worse.

Remember the important times of the year and plan ahead for those special times fathers day mothers day Easter Christmas time work out what customers are buying try and get products that will sell in season Winter or Summer.

One little trick if you have the cash flow buy out of season items on eBay, arbitrage then resell the same item later when the item is in season. I buy Summer clothing items in winter and resell at a profit in the summer months look out for the  bargains you will come across and build up you stock for later in the year.




Reading Will Never Be The Same!!

I bought a kindle book reader only last week, and I must say I was very impressed I do not normally read as much as I would like to  but this new technology really is something to talk about.

I do like the idea of turning on the talking mode so as you read a voice actually tells the story and get this you can change the voice over to either a male or females voice how good is  that. I bought a nice leather cover for it with a built in light for night reading.

What I like about buying kindle books on amazon you can try before you buy and some books are free. Another great feature I found when searching  their  store of books if you buy a book and you change your mind you can get a complete refund.

It is as easy as joining up on Amazon leaving your credit card as payment for your book browsing the books you like and you are up and running you can download a book any time of the day even when on holidays. The convenience of carrying the Kindle E-Reader has many advantages to conventional books it is light and compact compared  to  heavy books and does’t take up much room and all of your books are stored on the reader.

The only problem I have now is my partner a keen reader thinking that she will never change her reading habits buying paperback books from a bookshop has taken this great little reader away from me  night and day and using my credit card to buy books not for a huge amount money though only a few dollars a book. I will have to buy another 2nd E-Book reader for my partner the best price to pick up your Kindle Reader is on Amazon you will save alot of money.

A survey predicts 10 million of these type of readers to be purchased worldwide over the next few years I think they will be as popular as the mobile phone as many types of books can be downloaded to read.

Talk again Soon..



Find Your Singing Voice!!

As a musician playing keyboard in bands for most of my life, I thought it was time to have a go at singing, better late than never so they say. I came across this singing program Singing With Freedom on the Internet and  asked Santa to leave it in my stocking for Christmas. I decide to order the DVD version by mail as I thought it would be better to see the programme on a big screen rather than a computer screen. Well the singing programme arrived just after Christmas. This guy, Per Bristow teaches all you need to know about singing the fun way and it doesn’t matter  what your voice  sounds like  or  even if you have never sung before.

I have looked at the first DVD and I am really enjoying it. I get some funny looks from my partner when I practice some of the voice exercises.This guy really knows how to make it fun as well as helping you find your voice. I will be learning all about singing on key, how to change form one key to the next, voice projection and much much more over the coming weeks.

You can look up the singing programme for your self on www.TheSingingZone.com I have just started the course and I am really enjoying the experience.